How to style your sofa scatter cushions

How to style your sofa scatter cushions

Is your sofa a scatter cushion hoarder jam-packed with little to no place to sit or is it screaming for some scatter cushions love? If your answer is yes then Read on for some easy to follow tips on how to style your old or new scatter cushion and transform your sofa in no time.

Not only are scatter cushions a functional essential, but they are also your sofa’s seasonal outfit changes, and the best way to dress it up or dress it down to achieve any style you like

Select your colour palette 

Before hitting that add to cart button have a look around your living room to select your colour palette. This will help you to select your core colours. Your core colours can be  identified through your wall art, furniture, curtains and smaller décor elements. This will be the colour palette you are going to work with when picking throw pillow covers.  

décor accessories to select colour palette

Select your number of scatters 

Step two, take into consideration the size of your sofa and style of your room. This will determine the amount of scatter cushions  you will need to add to your sofa. 

The traditional look: Keep to an even number of scatter you can achieve this by selecting two large square scatters in solid colours and placing them in the two corners of your sofa. Next place two smaller scatter cushions in front of the larger ones. This will give you a more traditional and formal look. 

The modern look: opt for an uneven number of scatters you can choose between 3, 5, or 7 totally different scatters but keep to the same as long as you keep to the same colour palette.

different size and number of scatter cushions

Play with size and textures 

Scatter cushions are a great way to express your personality through colour and pattern. And because they are so easy to change, scatter cushions can be the perfect way to experiment with size, colour, texture and pattern.  So, do not be afraid to play with different sizes or textures, as you might just select the right combination by always trying something different and new. Remember that the scatter cushions you select does not always have to be the same size or from the same material. You can have fun with your scatters and show off your personality.

different textured scatter cushions

Listen to your space and take the lead from it 

It is always a good idea to let your space lead you when selecting scatter cushions. An already busy and colourful space tells you to select more subtle colour and pattern scatters and leave the busy patterns for a space that is more bold in colour.

different living room styles

The much love and famous "karate chop"

The famous karate chop will give your scatters a more loved and lived in look. The karate chop will also ensure that you break up the regular square shape of your  scatters on your sofa. 

karate chopped scatter cushions

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