Pillows and Patterns

Homeware accessories that are originally designed, Irish-made, handcrafted, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Founded in 2019 with the sole mission to bring happiness to the home through colour, pattern and print


Prints We Love

Don't Over thinkDon't Over think
  • The Simple Art Of Layering

    Layering is one of those elements that I just can not get enough of because, Yes I do love Maximalist design. It excites me how just the right amount of different elements tastefully layered can change the feel or vibe of a space

  • Always Accessorize

    The easiest way to finish a look and to create a designer look is to add personality using home accessories, think of your personal trinkets like home jewellery. You never sign off on an outfit without adding your favourite statement jewellery or that handbag you know will make a splash.

  • How To Add Texture To Your Living Spaces

    The objective is not to fill your room with every different texture under the sun, but to welcome an assortment of characters that are complementing one another and work together to inject variation and intrigue into your spaces.