Pillows and Patterns

Homeware accessories that are originally designed, Irish-made, handcrafted, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Founded in 2019 with the sole mission to bring happiness to the home through colour, pattern and print


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  • How To Design a Room

    We do not all have the budget to hire an interior designer when planning but if you are keen on giving it a go yourself Read On for our simple guide that will help you kickstart your DIY room interior design. In part one we start with six steps to get you started on this fun journey.

  • Give Your Home Character And Personality

    Colour !! There is no denying that itinfluencesthe way we feel and there are plenty of studies that link the effects ofcolour to emotion. Think about what you felt when you walked into a crisp white space and the sense of airy calm that washed over you. Or that feeling of joy in a room full of bright colour.

  • How To Design A Room: Part Two

    So, now that you have your research done of how you want your room to look it is time to start with the fun part of decorating. Following on from part one here are the six next steps to follow to designing the room of your dreams.Happy Decorating !!!