4 Gallery Wall Ideas to Suit Every Style

4 Gallery Wall Ideas to Suit Every Style

Gallery walls are a favourite among interior designers for a reason: they can be curated to fit an assortment of styles and work well in virtually any room. Read on for four of our favourite styles to curate some of our most loved wall prints

The Grid

The grid style gallery wall is all about proportions, symmetry and balance. This style is ideal for modern interiors with straight lines or spaces that aim for a clean, formal or minimalist aesthetic.

Grid style gallery wall with colourful wall prints

Cohesive gallery

A cohesive gallery wall can take on a variety of forms, from minimal colours, botanical prints, and bold and graphic wall art. The use of one idea showcasing your style can take on a life of its own and provide insight into the personality of the homeowner.

botanical wall prints

 The Perfect Pair 

This style is ideal for prints that compliment each other. This can be designed around a central theme such as travel, nature, sports, or a specific art movement.  This style layout can be used anywhere in your home.

wall prints for the dining room in a black and white setting


The Linear Gallery Wall

This style is similar to a grid gallery wall. A linear gallery wall has uniformity in the way it is laid out. However, a linear wall has more flexibility in terms of the medium and size of the work displayed. By aligning unique pieces, structure is brought to an otherwise mix and match collection of work.

Bedroom with modern wall prints in a blue colour palette

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

A mix of colourful wall prints

Before creating a gallery wall, it is important to understand that selecting pieces that match specific tastes can take time. So, before you start the the hunt for beautiful art, unique prints and objects begins, select the wall these pieces will live on.  Contrary to popular belief, gallery walls does not have to cover a large section of wall in your space. They can live in corners, nooks, and stairwells while still making an impact on your home’s aesthetic. 

Depending on each individual’s style, the wall can be simple with black and white photographs or can be used to help brighten up a room with vibrant wall prints. 

Below are a few tips to get started:

  • Room: Deciding on the location of the wall is imperative to the creation of a stunning wall of art. Galleries can cover a wide range of spaces including bedrooms, nooks, bathrooms, living rooms, and stairwells.
  • Narrative: Use Gallery walls as a form of self expression, tell a story of what ignites passion and inspires creativity your home.
  • Theme: Keeping an overall theme in mind can help to create cohesiveness throughout your spaces.
  • Structure: There are a variety of ways to display your gallery wall, from grids, floor-to-ceiling designs, and shelves that can help your pieces stand out against other décor pieces in your space.
  • Frames: For gallery walls that include multiple styles or art mediums, frames that are consistent in colour and texture can bring together pieces that otherwise would not go together.