Sustainability and Responsibility

At Pillows and Patterns, sustainability isn't just a goal—it's our ethos. We're dedicated to nurturing the planet with every stitch and print. Mindful of our ecological impact, we prioritize eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our production.

Partnering with Pixalili, a renowned textile studio in Donegal, we ensure that every pattern and cushion is not only beautifully crafted but also environmentally responsible. Utilizing cutting-edge digital printing technology, we exclusively employ eco-friendly pigment inks. These inks are gentle on both skin and environment, devoid of harmful chemicals or reactive agents throughout the printing process.

Our commitment extends beyond printing. Through a made-on-demand approach, we eliminate overproduction and minimize textile waste, championing sustainability from design to delivery. By keeping our production local, we reduce our carbon footprint, lower fuel consumption, and mitigate air pollution, all while supporting our community.

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