The story begins:

My journey of creativity started on the sunny shores of Cape Town South Africa with a grandmother that loved to create her own home accessories.  Watching her stitch and sew her own cushions, bedding, and curtains and style her home with such ease. Her love for décor and interiors and her own creative flair gave rise to my own growing passion for fabrics, patterns, colour,  interior décor, and styling.  The desire to create was further nurtured by my love for dance and the dramatic arts that played a big part in my life as a child and young adult. 

Before pursuing my true passion I held positions in public relations and communications. A career that was fulling but my heart always longed for my true passion, surface pattern design, and interiors.

I finally took the plunge in 2018 to go back to college to study graphic design with the aim of becoming a surface pattern designer. A  new journey that I truly loved and enjoyed because now I finally had the knowledge to design and create my own patterns and prints.

Pillows and Patterns were founded in 2019 with immense excitement and joy because now I am finally able to do the one things that I have always wanted to do and the best part of this journey is that I can share my passion and joy for surface pattern design and home interior accessories it with others.

Nominated for the 2023 Eir VIP Publishing Power of Women Awards in the Lifestyle Category 


Joy and happiness are at the heart of what makes Pillows and Patterns special. All my designs are original, created, and paired with colour to bring happiness to the home and the homeowner.

 designer standing inform collection of wall prints

 The designer:

Lizelle Joseph, I was born and bred in Cape Town South Africa now firmly rooted in Ireland. A surface pattern designer, with a passion for all things interior and décor styling, a colour enthusiast, lover of simple geometric shapes. 

Growing up on a continent and a country with such a diverse range of cultures full of colour, personality, character, and patterns everywhere you look. I Could not help falling in love with surface patterns and colour. This contributes hugely to my design process. paired with my love for the vibrant ’80s with all its geometric shapes and bold colour.

I want to bring that joy and happiness that I feel when I look and experience colour and pattern to my own designs and into the homes of those that invest in my products.

Some of my favourite things:

When I am not collecting colour samples during my walks, designing and creating patterns and prints. I love watching classic tv shows, sitcoms, true crime, and devouring home interior magazines. 

The process: 

You will always find some sort of Basic shape within my designs as I just love how one shape can continuously be reshaped and each time you will end up with a new shape that tells its own story. 

Ever since I can dress I have always been a colourful individual mixing colour and pattern through my own style and fashion. That is why colour the energy that it holds combined with vibrant patterns  not just excites but brings me joy. That is why my process always starts with colour and then creating a pattern that compliments the colour and the energy that it holds.

My designs are full of colour, geometric shapes, and elements that bring joy and happiness to the home. All designs are my own and original, handcrafted, Irish-made, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Final words:

So if you are like me and love bold vibrant colour and patterns or you are just falling in love with colour and pattern. Welcome to Pillows and Patterns a space where you and I will feel right at home. 

If you have any questions or just want to chat colour and patterns, say HI at lizelle@pillowsandpatterns.com


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