The story begins:

My creative journey began amidst the sun-kissed shores of Cape Town, South Africa, sparked by a grandmother whose talent for crafting home accessories ignited my own artistic passion.

Inspired by her seamless creation of cushions, bedding, and curtains, I was captivated by her unique style. Her love for décor and interiors, paired with her creative flair, ignited my interest in fabrics, patterns, colours, and styling.

Nurtured by my early affinity for dance and the dramatic arts, my childhood and youth were shaped by creativity. Despite finding success in public relations and communications, my heart longed for my true calling: surface pattern design and interiors.

In 2018, I made the leap, returning to college to study graphic design with the goal of becoming a surface pattern designer. This new journey brought immense joy as I learned to design and bring my patterns to life.

The inception of Pillows and Patterns in 2019 was a moment of pure delight. Finally, I could pursue my lifelong passion, creating the designs I had always dreamed of.

What makes this journey fulfilling is sharing my love for surface pattern design and home accessories with others. Join me in celebrating creativity and design, where pillows become canvases and patterns weave stories into our lives' fabric.

Recognized at the 2023 Eir VIP Publishing Power of Women Awards in the Lifestyle Category.

Vision: At Pillows and Patterns, we infuse joy into every home. Our unique designs, crafted with love and originality, elevate living spaces and spirits with vibrant colours. Experience the magic of our exclusive designs that promise to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your space. Welcome to a home filled with the charm of Pillows and Patterns

 designer standing inform collection of wall prints

 The designer:

Hello! I'm Lizelle Joseph, originally from lively Cape Town, South Africa, now proudly residing in Ireland. As a passionate surface pattern designer, I draw inspiration from interior design and décor styling, with a penchant for vivid colours and geometric shapes.

Growing up amidst Africa's diverse cultures, adorned with captivating patterns, influenced my design process profoundly. The vibrant '80s era also fuels my creativity, reflecting in my designs.

Join me on this journey where every design tells a story, bringing colour and personality to your space. Welcome to a world where patterns come alive, and your home becomes a canvas of style and individuality!

"I aim to share the joy that colours and patterns bring through my unique designs. When you invest in my products, you're inviting that burst of colour and pattern into your home, transforming your space and infusing it with vibrancy. Welcome to a world where joy meets design!"

Favourites: When not gathering colour samples, I'm designing patterns. During downtime, I enjoy classic TV shows, sitcoms, and home interior magazines for inspiration.

The process: My designs start with basic shapes, evolving into unique forms. Vibrant colours energize my creations, weaving stories into each design.

Step into a vibrant world with my designs—eco-friendly, Irish-made pieces crafted with care and authenticity.

Final words: Explore bold, colourful patterns at Pillows and Patterns. Find your perfect space, surrounded by distinctive designs.

Questions or chat about colours and patterns? Reach out at lizelle@pillowsandpatterns.com—I'm here to make your journey enjoyable!

 xo Lizelle 

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