How to: select colour for the mood you want in your home

How to: select colour for the mood you want in your home

Colour !! There is no denying that it influences the way we feel and there are plenty of studies that link the effects of colour to emotion. Think about what you felt when you walked into a crisp white space and the sense of airy calm that washed over you. Or that feeling of joy in a room full of bright colour. 

So, the question is how can we tap into colours to set the mood we want in our home? The answer to that question is colour psychology that will help us to explain the links between colours and emotion. 

And of course some tips on how to select colour for the mood you want to achieve in your home.


This is a powerful colour, sophisticated and classy and can create the ultimate style statement when softened with other colours. Use black as an accent colour to balance and ground your space. Try to bring into your space at least one black décor piece item to ground your colour scheme and to give it depth.

black interior

Whites and pastels

Whites and neutrals represent purity and innocence. These colours can be warm or cool depending on where it sits on the colour wheel. Warm whites and neutrals have an undertone of red, orange or yellow. Whereas cool whites and neutrals have an undertone of green, blue or purple.

white interior space

Whereas pastels can add character and originality to a contemporary space. The soft, muted tones of pastels can create beautiful spaces. That can look and feel subtle and fresh at the same time making them ideal colours in nurseries, living rooms and bedrooms.

pastel coloured interior


Pink is often seen as the ultimate colour of femininity. The spectrum of pinks can range from soft pink to hot fuchsia. And is often associated with love and romance.

Pink room

While we often only associate pink paint with nurseries or girl’s rooms, you can find sophisticated shades that are not  too sweet and candy like. Dusty, coral or beigey pinks look great in any corner of your home.


This colour can create a rich and luxurious interior. Use the more sophisticated shades of purple like moodier, darker purple-black tones  and mauve-purple  in your main living areas. This year this colour in the shade of Very Peri is definitely on trend 

purple wall and sofa


The most calming colour in the spectrum and represents security, order and tranquillity. Use this colour in spaces where you want to achieve a calming effect, such as in the bathroom. Pair blue with  hints of greens and teal both colours that complements this colour so well and will just deepen that feeling of serenity and depth.

blue bedroom and living room


The most common colour in nature and represents balance is considered to have a refreshing and revitalizing effect. Combine this colour with colours that have the same effect like blue and the cheerfulness of yellow.  Green suits every room in the house. In the living room it encourages you to slow down and enjoy more moments of  togetherness.  Using this colour in the bedroom it helps to relieve stress — especially when you pair it with indoor plants. Green in the kitchen cool things down.

green room and chairs


This colour is so bright, cheerful and is the perfect for creating a warm spaceIt can add a burst of sunshine when used as a highlight and for a more modern look and feel pair it with black and white. A bright canary yellow might be a bit of colour overload muted tones like this muddy-yellow is the easiest and best way to add pops of yellow into our home.

yellow chairs


A powerful colour such as orange can create a strong statement because It is emotionally stimulating, energizing and vibrant. Thus orange might not be the best colour for the bedroom where you want to relax.  But a close second would be peach and can look gorgeous in a bedroom. Use a more intense shade in a space where you want to promote creativity or in a workout room where you want to unleash energy.

orange interior


Brown is perfect when you want to create a ‘down to earth’ feeling in a space that represents reliability, security and responsibility. As a colour brown creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

brown interior décor


A powerful colour that is all about love, warmth, comfort and passionRed enhances the appetite and a more vibrant, saturated red raises the heart rate and can be quite uncomfortable to live with. So pick your red well !!!  A more muted shade can be luxurious and cosy. Because this is a energy raising colour it is a great choice in the living or dining room where you want to stimulate conversation.  A red entryway will make a strong first impression.

red interior décor