How to style an empty corner

How to style an empty corner

Empty corners tend to stick out like a sore thumb and can look cold and uninviting. The good news is that empty corners have so much potential and they are easy to decorate.  

Sometimes all it takes is an accent chair, a side table, a gallery wall, or an indoor plant. So keep reading for some corner styling ideas for that awkward empty corner.

Infuse Extra Cosiness With Textiles and textures 

A basket of throw blankets and extra sofa cushions close at hand makes for an ultra comfy room and no awkward corners.  Add in extra textures like wicker, patterned ceramics, and plants to turn that cold corner into a warm and welcome space.

a bedroom corner decorated with plants, a chair and throw pillow

Create a Gallery Wall

An oldy but a goody and the best part is that you do not need a large wall for a gallery wall a corner works nicely. Use that blank space to create an eye-catching, display of prints and or books. To make it more eye-catching why not give that wall a new splash of paint.


A corner decorated with wall prints and books

Create something naturally interesting

Why not opt for something natural like a basket full of dried flower or pampas grass to keep the space feeling earthy and organic. 

A corner with a chair and a basket of dried flowers

 Add a splash of colour 

Colour is always a good way to bring life to an empty space. So fill that corner with a coloured chair and let the colour stand out with simple touches like a brass floor lamp or a wall print that allows the colour to stand out. 

A coloured chair with a wall print on the wall

Plants are always a winner 

Greenery can be a gorgeous way to enliven a living room, bedroom, or even a dining room corner. Big ones or a group of smaller ones, faux or real plants are always a winner when it comes to decorating a cold and bare corner. 

a space decorated with plantsFilling your awkward corners and bare spots in the most stylish way possible is just a matter of finding what suits you. The possibilities are endless !!! so go on and spice up all your corners. 

Happy decorating!

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