Decorating with plants inside the house

Decorating with plants inside the house

Interior Design - This is our way of crafting and curating the inside of the structures that we live and work in so that they are spaces that are comfortable and pleasing to us visually as well as physically. 

 houseplants of top of piano

A lot of that, creating comfort and pleasing aesthetic depends on the amount of the outdoors that we are able to bring in with us. We see this through love for rattan, wood furniture, stone finishes, and even animal patterns on rugs and pillows. These are all things that allow us to bring nature and its surroundings into our homes.


A big question we would often ask ourselves is which plants are right for our living spaces?


I say, include a healthy dose of plants in any and every room of your home Why? because beyond their aesthetic value, having plants in your home reduces toxins in the air, and improves air quality.

So where do you place these plants? here are some great tips on how to enhance your space through a simple approach to green living.

Floor Plants

Plants placed on the floor
You should always be looking for ways on how to bring plants into any space and starting from the floor up is not a bad idea.  

Plants as a décor accessory bring so much to our spaces even on the floor. It adds colour and texture but one of the best things about plants are the versatility that they offer in terms of scale. They can be small enough to accent a tiny desk or fit on open shelving, or they can be large enough to take centre stage on floor space. 

So if your office, your bed, or living room has a sunny corner that is empty a floor plant can be just the right solution. 

Plants are living things so, there are a few things to consider before turning your favourite room into a floor plant haven.

  1. Make sure there is proper lighting in the space. 
  2.  That the size and scale of the plant make sense in the room, a floor plant that touches the ceiling, while the rest of the furniture is low to the ground may feel like it is consuming the whole space, so consider a 6- or 7-foot plant for the home. 
  3. Small spaces, consider floor plants that sit low to the ground that come in around only 2- or 3-feet tall.  

Succulents and Cacti

A selection of succulents and cactus plants
Caring for plants can be tricky, as we all know ! But all is not lost as there are a number of very hearty house plants that are much easier to care for like cactus or succulent plants. These plants only need a little water and sunlight and are very low maintenance, making them easy to care for. In addition to their strength and longevity, these plants also have an interesting look that works very well aesthetically in interiors with a more modern design approach because of their linear shapes.

 Wall Hanging

a selection of plants hanging on a wall
There are a number of fun and creative ways to bring plants into the different areas of your home. And one of those creative ways are, wall hanging plants. This is one of the best ways to combine the aesthetic beauty of the greenery with the functionality of the plant in ways that allow the plants to contribute to the look and feel of the space.

 Plant- Shelvie


plants on a shelve

 If you are looking for something different plant decorating shelves and bookcases with plants and plant-related images. This is a great way to create a much more conducive and relaxing environment, what can be better then looking at lush greenery rather than shelf filled with books spines. 


 Happy Potting And Planting xo 

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