The winter season provides the perfect excuse to get cosy, and a great way of doing this is by incorporating warm colours into your living  spaces. However, warm colours can feel really welcoming and sunny especially during the long dark winter months.

The cooler winter days are the ideal time, to incorporate burnt orange, peacock blues, soft golds, rustic greens, and fiery reds into your home. And it does not have to break the bank because you can add pops of these warm colours to your home with soft furnishings and décor accessories. A throw pillow, a blanket, a wall print or big or small décor pieces are the easiest and most effective way to add colour and create a space that is warm and inviting. 

Fiery Red 

You do not have to go all-out to incorporate red into your living spaces, you can ease red into your living or bed room soft furnishings, think rugs, cushions and throws. Or if your are brave enough go for furniture an accent chair is bold way to make a statement and warm up any space.

a sofa chair with a soft white throw blanket and deep red throw pillows

 Sunny Orange 

Placed right in the middle of red and yellow on the colour wheel, orange embraces the daring side of red and evokes the sunny side of yellow. So, it hits just that happy spot of warm and fiery. 

a living room with a selection of orange accents using throw pillows and wall print for pops of the orange colour.

Soft Touches Of Gold 

Associated with glamour, wealth and warmth, gold décor is a timeless choice for a winter update. Gold has the power to uplift tired living space. 

A bed with a gold coloured cushion and throw blanket

Gorgeous Green

Green is as diverse as it is versatile. This nature-inspired colour comes in a spectrum of light and dark shades with undertones ranging from sunnier yellows to soothing blue. Making this the perfect colour to add a refreshing but warm feel to your living or bedroom.

A bedroom with green décor accents

These colours are great for this time of year, and adds not just a playful element to your home but also adds the warmth that is needed during the colder winter months. 

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