The Simple Art Of Layering

The Simple Art Of Layering

Layering is one of those elements that I just can not get enough of because, Yes I do love Maximalist design. It excites me how just the right amount of different elements tastefully layered can change the feel or vibe of a space

Layering a room is simply using different colours, patterns, shapes, and textures to add depth, balance, and create contrast. 

We do this especially during the cold winter months with what we are wearing to create warmth and style, to our look of the day. 

So if you are looking for some extra tips and tricks to warm up those cold winter day’s and nights I have rounded up three of my favourite layering methods.

Window Treatments

During the winter months, layering window treatments can add depth, warmth as well as bring in colour and texture into a bed or living room. Think of your window as your room’s jewellery so layering them with contrasting window treatments can be how you add colour and textures to your bedroom space. Pair a bamboo or wood blinds with a coloured, patterned, or textured curtains.

a layered window treatment A curtain with a wooden venetian blind

Rug Layers

There are so many options when layering rugs you can go for a pattern on pattern, or mix a solid colour with a pattern. This all depends on your space and interior. 

My favourite look is layering an area rug with a cowhide is a great way to mix textures and add personality especially if you opt for a bold animal print.

layered rugs in a living room space

 Layering with throw pillows

Create a strong base so start with the biggest size. The first to pair of throw pillows can be a solid colour or a print. Add your second layer this can be a smaller size in a different shape circular or rectangle still keeping it single colour or pattern coordinated. And for your final layer go for your wow factor so, choose a colour, pattern, texture or print that stands our and gives that OMG vibe.

throw pillows layered on a bed and sofa


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