The know-how on decorating with neutrals

The know-how on decorating with neutrals

I am always swooning over these immaculate neutral bedrooms and living rooms I see on Pinterest They all look so effortlessly put together So, I am setting myself a challenge, to at least try and turn one room in my home into a neutral interior dream. But before I kick start the challenge I just needed to explore a few simple tips on how to achieve my heavenly neutral dream.  Read on to find out what they are.


Mix your shades of beige, white, and other neutral tones 

A variety of neutral tones adds warmth Once you have your foundation neutral tone introduces subtle variations. Add these layers with throw pillows, trays, decor accessories, curtains, or wall art or prints.

 A variety of wood tones 

Neutral rooms need depth and complexity to stand out so, avoid playing matchy-matchy as this will make your space rather dull. Introduce into your space a variety of wood tones vary them from light to deep tones. This will add contrast and give more character to your space.

Variety of wood tones

Add touches of black or metallic

Black is grounding and adds depth and draws the eye inward. And if you are going for a mostly beige color scheme black will be the perfect color to introduce to add depth and warmth to your space. 

black and metallic tones

By introducing a variety of wood tones, textures, and if you like some pattern will add contrast to your neutral spaces. 


Texture, texture and more texture 

Keep things interesting with plenty of texture. This can be a rug, sofa slipcovers, throw pillows, or a  chunky knit throw. You can keep these elements all the same shade especially if you already have other elements like metallics, wood, or black present in your space. 

add texture

Give it a try:   Why not add simple touches in a mixture of linen, mud cloth, rattan, caning, and seagrass. 

Bring in a subtle layer of color or a stand out pattern 

A neutral backdrop with even the smallest amount of color and pattern will create a striking yet inviting look


Now that I have the know-how I am ready to take on the challenge Watch this space for updates on my progress. 

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