Cheap and easy ways to decorate your rented home

Cheap and easy ways to decorate your rented home

How to make your rented house feel more like a home
One of the most  frustrating problems with renting, is not being able to personalise your rented apartment and turn it into  your space. The good news is, with just a few tweaks you can turn your rented apartment into a character filled home.
decorating your rented home


And the even better news is,  that you can upgrade your rental  apartment with just a few simple and easy touch ups and you will barely even break a sweat.


ways to decorate your rented apartment


Small changes to your furnishings like lampshades can really make a difference Shop around for once you like and fits your decor style.


small changed to turn your rented house into a home


small changes to your rented home furnishings

Adding home accessories to mantels, shelves or any empty surfaces can add personality to  your rental. I love trays, candle holders, vases and decorative storage. 

4 ways to upgrade your rented home

Hang wall decor with 3M command strips they are great and come off the wall easily without leaving a mark.

how to style up your coffee table

Your coffee table is a centerpiece in your main living space and how you style it can completely change the look of the overall room. And what is on it can also completely change  the function of the table. You do not  want it to be too perfect or cluttered. What is important, is to keep the items that you place on it to scale and that there is a balance  between the items. 
styling your coffee table
You do not want a giant coffee table book paired with a tiny scented candle.
Or a large floral arrangement next to a small tray. Finding the right balance between items are important. 
bedroom decor


Layers, details, and texture

Start with a blank canvas, ie. white sheets because it will provide a place where your eye can rest once you start layering on colour, prints, and patterns.

Adding layers is key to having a styled bed that looks inviting and comfortable. Opt for neutrals and cozy textures, for a homely feel and look  or if you like things a bit more bold play with patterns and colours to create some depth and contrast. 

Pillow Game

Always match your larger shams to the duvet and place those behind, your day to day pillows Because they tend to be bigger and fill the space closest to the headboard really well. When it comes to throw pillows there’s no perfect number. But the easiest is to stick with 3 and the best part is, they do not all  3 have to look the same. Try 2 that match in size and color with 1 smaller one in front or, even one long lumbar cushion. There is no right or wrong so mix it up and  show off your personality. 

style you bed

You do not need to break the bank or change anything that much to turn your rented house or apartment into a home full of colour and character. 
All it takes is a few simple tweaks !
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