Style it

Style it

Styling is the name of the game, from open shelfs to side tables in the bedroom or living room. So, if you got it style it !! and to get you going here is some simple and easy tips on how to style a side table. 

Side table style

Pare it Down 

Simple displays can be very attractive without disrupting the eye. The display is tidy and keeps the focus on dried lavender. There is no need to overcomplicate or crowd the side table.

tips for styling a side table

Use a Tray

A tray is a simple trick used by stylists and decorators to make items work together in a display. I used these bamboo-like serving plates I found at Dealz’s A tray can bring all the items on a table together into one elegant and unified presentation. On this table, the tray keeps the look minimalist. I added the stacked tea light holders to just add a pop of colour to the display. 

styling with texture

Consider Proportions

When it comes to styling your items pairing the right size items always works and looks the best. Also, keep your side table size in mind so make sure that all the pieces are large enough so that they do not overpower the table. The objects should not overwhelm the display or get in the way of function, either. 

Add Colour With Florals

A floral arrangement of any size will just make your table pop and is usually a nice way to add some height and texture to your styling.  Why not experiment with seasonal colour combinations of your favourite flowers fresh or dried. 

side table décor

Combine Shapes and Textures

Create visual interest by mixing shapes and textures. Pair curved items with straight, shiny with dull, textured with smooth, and hard with soft. The shapes found in the display are square, rectangular, and round shapes in the form of the tray and dish as well as the candle holders paired with the texture of the photo frame and the potpourri add texture as well as visual interest.

keep it simple

Keep it Classics

Keep your display classic with simple floral arrangements or decorative objects, such as the glass dish turned potpourri holder ( soap dish from Deals) and the glass candle holder. Simple pieces can be both functional as well as great conversation pieces.

 Living room décor

Happy Styling 

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