Simple ways to keep your Christmas décor stylishly natural

Simple ways to keep your Christmas décor stylishly natural

Here at Pillows and Patterns we love all things colour, the more the better but strangely enough when it comes to Christmas we just love the neutral , keep it natural Christmas décor. 

So, here is some of our favourite ideas to keep it Natural and Neutral. 

neutral Christmas Décor

Keep it Natural 

This time of the year the shops are full of bright popping plastic decorations while these are certainly fun décor options the trick is to keep it in moderation, as too much of them can end up making your space feel bright and showy especially  if they are not made from natural materials. For a more natural look and feel consider using items that you already have in your home and spruce them up in new ways. If possible try to avoid faux or plastic wherever you can and use actual décor, such as vases and bowls items you would normally use year-round.

Christmas bauble decoration displayed in a basket and a bowl

 Flower Arrangements 

Keep it classic with floral fillers like eucalyptus and baby’s breath. 

floral arrangements with eucalyptus and baby's breath

 Go Minimal

Since seasonal décor can get tacky but you can still keep it festive and go minimal by incorporating a few neutral accents here and there that fit into your interior décor style

minimal décor for Christmas


Neutral tones and more minimal pieces can actually blend in more easily with your existing aesthetic. This could take the form of pillar candles, cream-colored gourds, or dried pampas grass.

Simple neutral Christmas décor


The trick to keeping it natural is just a matter of styling the right items to get a more chic and refined look.

Happy Decorating !! 


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