Set the tone for the new season

Set the tone for the new season

Happy September and welcome to autumn. The season of oranges, yellows and beautiful earthy browns, falling leaves, and bright red berries. 

Get ready 

Set the tone for the new season with these simple “get your home ready “ tips 

autumn dried flowers

Bring in some natural scent with potpourri 

Bring in the smells of autumn with potpourri and transform your home to a warm and cozy earthy hub. Try making your own, with this simple DIY from Spruce Crafts  

Potpourri placed in a bowl makes an excellent centerpiece that will create a warm and homely ambiance.

Flavors like oranges, juniper berries, cinnamon, vanilla, and rosehip all make great additions to your potpourri and will make your house smell wonderful.


Get rid and clear out 

Do a good clear out and donate all those unwanted things to create a clutter-free home. And create a space that is open, clutter-free, and invite into your home a sense of calm

Create a cozy atmosphere with candles

Light up your favorite scented or unscented candles to create the perfect cozy setting for a relaxing night in.  Add a few tea lights or go for large pillar candles for that extra cozy feeling.


Refresh your cushions and add cozy throws

During the cooler months, there is nothing better than curling up under a throw. Adding new cushions, throws, and chunky wool blankets to your sofa and bed can really transform your space.

Choose autumnal-themed soft furnishings or go with brighter colors to offset the drabness of the outside.


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