How to up your cushion styling game

How to up your cushion styling game

how to up your cousin styling game

Cushions are an essential item for a super stylish bed. But the trick is, how do you style them and how many is to many or too little. Well the magic number is 3 or any number under 6. 

how to style your cousins

Mix cushions in different shapes, colours, designs and textures for an up to date trendy look

how to mix cousin colour palettes

Stick to a two or three-tone colour palette, like the blue and pink in this playful yet stylish bedroom. It pulls the overall look together. 

cushion styling

Mix organic, solid textures  and graphic prints for depth. Play with the contrast  of smooth and rough, soft and fuzzy. Go for faux fur, velvet, linen, knit wool and tasseled accents.

contrast and texture _cousin styling

Try and use three different colours from your room, like the wall color, the rug, your bedding or your curtains

 colour and pattern _cousin styling

Mix and match three different patterns, but make sure that each pattern has at least one of the colours that are in the same colour family. 

pattern scale _styling cousins

Keep in mind the scale of your patterns especially  when following the Rule of Three because you do not want your patterns to compete with each other. Instead, go for patterns in three different scales, allowing one,your favourite,  pattern to dominate. 

mixing textures and patterns_cousin styling

Cushions are also a great way to contrast  design elements or colours. Buy cushion covers that you can change seasonally. 

how to style your cushions

Just a few more tips 

  1. Odd numbers look modern
  2. Even numbers look traditional and adds balance and symmetry, and looks clean and orderly.
  3. Fill matters:  think about fill and how it will affect the appearance.A feather-and-down fill, has a soft and squishy feel, while foam and other synthetic fills are stiffer and much more affordable. Although they are not as luxe as the feather-and-down fill they will hold their shape better.

contrasting cushions_cushion styling


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