How to create an eclectic gallery wall

How to create an eclectic gallery wall

I have always been a big fan of an eclectic gallery wall and would often scroll through Pinterest pinning images of really creative eclectic gallery walls. So much that I have now finally given it a go and tried to create my own.

I wanted something that expressed something old but at the same time modern, that tied in with the colors and furniture pieces in the living room. Read until the end to see my final outcome !!


I followed the following steps but remember it is your space and your personality that you want to express so the most important step is to, go ahead and make it your own. The steps are just a guide to help you get started. 

In just 3 steps you can create an eclectic gallery wall

Start with Color 

Color plays a key role in the design or creating a space that reflects your personality. So when taking your gallery wall to the next level, think of color first as it will most likely be the main thing that ties all of your decor elements together. 

 Start with color from you interior

Pick a Theme

Gallery walls that have a central theme always look a bit more put together, than those that do not have a theme.  A theme is also a great way to play with textures, materials, and objects that will make your gallery wall really unique. 

 natural neutral theme

bold and colorful theme
Play With Levels

Varying the levels and heights of the elements on your gallery wall create pockets of little surprises and build layers into your design as well as adding depth to your space. The thing I love about eclectic gallery walls is that they offer a variety of dimensions, everything is not just flat against the wall.

Eclectic Gallery wall

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Now over to you, try out the 3 steps and let's see what you come up with and Do share you final looks with us on Instagram @lizellejoseph

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