How to create a stylish gallery wall in just 3 steps

How to create a stylish gallery wall in just 3 steps

You know what they say, an updated gallery wall is as good as a full room makeover. So, if you have outgrown your current gallery wall here are just some refresher tips on how to re-style it and create a new centre piece that is creative and uniquely you. 

Image with a gallery wall

Make it uniquely yours

Our characters and personalities are complex so how we express our complexities are unique to who we are and that should be the same with the pieces we bring into our homes and hang on our walls So make your walls unique to you by picking and hanging pieces that remind you of happy places and times, pieces that excite you and even pieces that make you think and reflect.

Gallery wall full of botanical wall prints

Create a focal point

If there is one piece that you love make it a centrepiece let everyone see it and feel the joy it brings you.

A art print that is placed above a table

Choose diversity 

Yes and always yes to diversity whether it is in life or interior decorating. So, opt for a diverse range of mediums and pieces on display oil paintings, prints, watercolours, photography, sculptures, vintage landscapes, modern abstracts, portraits.  And do not forget to mix colour and black and white pieces for extra added character and personality

a wall with a variety of art objects on a wall

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