Home decor trends we are loving in 2020

Home decor trends we are loving in 2020

We are slowly but surely settling into January and 2020 and if you are like me you can not wait for this fog of darkness of winter lifts So that you can just bring in the light and cover your home with flowers and spring. 

Talking about flowers, flower wallpaper is big in home decor this year and it is not your everyday dainty flowers. This year it is about making a statement with big bold and bright flowers with a dash of metallic. I can not wait to try this trend with removable DIY wallpaper. 

Floral wallpaper

Something else I love and is making a comeback this season is in a big way is vintage So, if you like a bit of the old incorporate it into your living spaces one statement piece. This can be a vintage mirror or stylishly place vintage style crochet doilies in your dining room. 

Vintage decor

No more white kitchens this year!! We will see more color brought into the kitchen with colored cabinets. 

Colored kitchen cabinets

And staying with the kitchen we will see a big trend in the kitchen this year. if you love wall art the kitchen is the place this year to display your prints.  And if your kitchen has open shelving this is the best place to display your kitchen art.

Kitchen wall prints  Cozy fabric and textures will also become a must in your home this year So, if you love the cozy look invest in shearling, imperfect leathers, and soft textured mohairs.

Cozy textures and fabrics

Another one of my favorites is the comeback of rattan/ wicker furniture and not for the outside deck but the inside. I love this because it is such a great and simple way to achieve a modern yet boho look and feel in your home. 

Rattan furniture

Well, this is just an introduction into the trends we here at Pillows and Patterns are loving for 2020. We will delve into them more and how we can incorporate them into our homes as we gear up for a great year of decorating and loving our homes. 

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