Hello  June-Prepping you home for summer

Hello  June-Prepping you home for summer

We have been enjoying some really wonderful sunny days during spring but now that we are officially heading into summer we are hopeful that it will last especially because as we can not travel beyond our own borders. 

Turn your bedroom into a  B&B bedroom for a staycation 

Just because we can not  travel to sunny resorts and stay in pretty hotels or B&B's does not mean that we can not recreate that summer holiday feel at home 


Bed linen featured are from M&S 

Set out a basket of towels, soaps, and creams so that you feel like a guest in your own home. Cover your bed with new fresh linens, to give the room a true B&B feel.

turn bedroom intoB&B

Place a  vase of fresh-cut flowers on your nightstand and place some sweet treats on freshly fluffed pillows.

pillow treat_b&b home staycation

Put together a picnic kit

Make your outdoor eating an easy affair with a ready to go packed picnic kit. Include a blanket or table cloth, plastic plates, cutlery, tumblers, wine glasses, a small cutting board and knife, wine/bottle opener, and cloth napkins. With wicker baskets being a hot trend invest in one and keep it always packed as your picnic basket.

picnic time

Prep your kids' play space

Long, lazy summer days can get even longer if your kids can not keep themselves entertained. So, put books, activities, and toys within their reach. Toy storage baskets on the floor are great for easy reach and after play clean up. 

A few oversized floor cushions are perfect to laze about on, while reading a book or take an afternoon nap. Baskets and cushions are ideal because they can be easily moved anywhere inside or outside your home. 

Rotate your lampshades and cushions

Lampshades, cushions, and other fabric items that are in the line of bright sunlight should be rotated once or twice a month. Rotating them around will help theses items fade evenly and retain the same depth of color.


Modernize your ceiling fan

Replace an outdated, ceiling fan to one made of more natural materials such as woven bamboo or wicker. Keeping your home cool on those long summer nights 

Slipcovers are great 

To temporarily lighten your upholstered furniture then slipcovers can quickly transform the look of your seating.  You can find slipcovers in a variety of styles from the traditional shabby chic to a more tailored, classic look. If you are going for slipcovers look for custom or ready-made slipcovers that are well-finished and easy to fit. Find some modern slipcovers at IKEAsofa

Shower houseplants with some TLC

More sunlight hours mean that your indoor plants have a chance to thrive. So, now is the time to give them a healthy dose of fertilizer, replenish low levels of soil, and move robust plants into bigger pots.


 Organize a garage sale 

I am sure that we all have been doing a lot of decluttering so now is maybe the time to do a garage/ yard sale. You can do this online on sites like gumtree or Facebook groups or eBay. 

 xo have a gorgeous summer 


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