Go Green

Go Green

With St Patrick's day on the way there is no better time to go Green !!

Green with its  alluring connection with nature, there is so much scope for decorating with green.

living room with green sofa

Green on a very primitive level reassures us that we can find food and water and because of this instinct green equals life.

variety of green plants

Using greens in our home, can bring us feelings of rest and reassurance.

Green interior decor

Green to Energize 

Green is incredibly versatile and thus when using it consider the atmosphere you want to create; is it calm and cocooned or energetic and vibrant. If it is vibrant energy you are seeking then opt for just a pop of bright, rich contrasting green on dining chairs, woodwork or paint a single door. This is a quick and easy way to add an element of surprise to your interior and bring a pop of energy to your space. 

room with green décor elements

Green to create Balance 

Green is the perfect colour to create balance in rooms where your relax or even work. Use a lot of green because it is very calming. Shades in pale green can be restful, especially in a busy space; but in a bedroom that's lit warmly, it can feel incredibly soothing.

wicker chairs with green cushions

How Do You Add Green To A Room

If you are painting a room in green then consider the tone and warmth of the colour as well as the position and lighting of the room. While many greens are beautifully neutral and work well in all sorts of situations, different shades works better in only certain rooms

If your goal is to energizing and uplifting, zesty lime, vibrant apple and botanical leafy shades are an uplifting choices for green kitchen ideas while greens with warm undertones, like olives as, are great for creating cozy living rooms. Shades in soft mints are often well-suited to calming bedrooms.

Light greens are a great choice for north-facing rooms because of their warm undertones and are super adaptable, calming and reliably pair with both dark and neutral colours to create the perfect room combination.

Dark greens are also a great choice for smaller spaces such as a narrow hallway or small bedroom. It may sound unusual to choose a dark shade for a small space, but it’s a great way to embrace the cosiness that comes with compact areas.

Try painting the walls, skirting boards and ceilings in one deep shade to soften the edges of your room and make appear bigger.

Go Green !!

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