Give your presents that extra sparkle

Give your presents that extra sparkle

This Christmas I’m trying to scale back on my gift wrapping, spend less money on paper and just keep things simple. This will not only make your Christmas a little easier but also less hectic. You will also do your bit to be more environmentally conscious by reducing waste and buying fewer things.

Creating beautiful and unique gift wrapping does not  have to be difficult, or involve costly materials or extravagant details. 

Here are some easy to gift wrapping ideas made from simple materials and elements found in your own backyard or items you already have in the house 

Kraft paper is anything but boring: Think of it as a blank canvas that you can change and adapt to your liking. 

Paint it 

I opted for an abstract theme and just painted various brush strokes in colours of acrylic paints that I bought at Dealz . I simply tied some yarn around with some buttons for added flair. 

kraft paper painted


Keep it Natural 

Using ribbon scraps, rosemary twigs I created this simple wrapping that is simple and eco friendly. Make it your own with elements that you find in your garden. Finish it off with some yarn and beads. 

natural gift wrap

Paper craft 

This one can be easily done with scraps of paper. 

Scrap paper

Just fill in the gaps with some card stock cut to size.  

DIY some fun paper crafts to make it unique I made a little Christmas tree and some gifts under the tree and the extra bit of scrap paper I cut into a circle as a gift tag.

Scrap paper again is perfect for smaller gifts, or just use some magazine pages.  I used up some more of the stripe paper that I had and just jazzed it up with some fun buttons and foam glitter letters 

The last one I had some gold paper from last year so just added some red velvet ribbon and furry bobbles and sequin stars to finish it off. 

Keep it simple and do it your way and have fun wrapping those gifts 

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