For the love of orange

For the love of orange

Orange is cheerful and fun. A combination of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow 


It represents creativity, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, determination, attraction, success, and encouragement.


Power and Potential 

A color with a  lot of power and potential, It has the power to cheer up an entire space and can also make a space feel warm and welcoming without taking center stage.



There are many beautiful variations of orange and each has its own unique characteristics.


Darker shades of orange are less exciting than their lighter counterparts Some shades of orange can be too bright and vibrant whereas Lighter orange tones such as peach or salmon work well as accent colors.

orange color


Orange is such a warm and cozy color and looks great on sofas and armchairs. So adorn your sofa with orange to create a very vibrant and eye-catching look. Orange is a great color for decor accessories as it adds warmth and vibrancy to your space in a creative and playful way. Emphasize that warmth with soft, fluffy fabrics.


Our Earthy orange throw pillow has the power to cheer up an entire space while at the same time making your space feel warm and welcoming without drawing too much attention to it.

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