Four colours to set the mood for Autumn

Four colours to set the mood for Autumn

Autumn is here!! so, it is time to embrace colder days and longer nights and warm cosy homes.

A new season means that is time to bring new colours into your home. Autumn is fresh starts, a blank canvas a chance to celebrate the changing of the seasons. And with that change comes new colours so, here is our top four colours to kick start this new season. 

Create an atmosphere and set the mood with colour

Chair with a fur cover and blanket throw with a side table with autumn decor

 1. Green 

The best thing about green is that it is so versatile, pairing it with other colours is easy because there are so many shades of green.

a green colour mood board for autumn

One of my favourite colour palettes is a neutral and green palette. If you love those fresh and crisp autumn mornings pair linen-like whites with a deep moody green. This is a great way to add contrast and visual interest in a space, while keeping the feel fresh and modern. If your home has a eclectic vintage vibe consider pairing green with a burnt or rustic orange. This combinations feels welcoming and calming

2. Yellow 

For this I am opting for a mustard yellow a great colour to bring warmth to an all-white room. So, perfect to use as an accent colour as it will add balance and just the right amount of contrast to a room dominated by earth-toned neutrals.

mustard yellow mood board


The reason I love brown so much is, that is the most beautiful grounding earth colour. It adds colour and texture no matter the material whether it is wood or fabric so, it is perfect to add in layers around any space. And apart from coming in so many shades it just enhances all the natural elements in your home. 

brown colour mood board

When choosing brown always look at the undertones in your chosen shade, as this can be influenced by so many other colours, like purple, green, and grey, and this can change the colour in different light settings.

4.Dark Blue

This colour reminds me of those dark wintery nights where the sky almost looks dark blue with all the sparkly stars light it up. Dark blue can make a room feel more intimate, especially at night. Bring it to life by mixing your shades through layering different textures and patterns

dark blue mood board

Colour can have a profound impact on our mood and emotion and is a powerful transformation tool so, use it wisely this new season. By adding small touches of our favourite autumn colours into your home to enhance or feel closer to nature and the calm that it brings. 

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