Create more space

Create more space

We often get this question, “my space feels small and cramped, how can I create more space?”  Well, that is a problem in our homes that can be easily resolved. And we have three things that you can do right now to create more space in your box bedroom or living room.

how to create more space in small spaces

Light & Darkness 

If your room is painted a dark color, change it now, because dark colors make your space feel smaller. Go for light colors like light and airy pastels because light creates the illusion of endless space. 

dark to light Mirror Illusions 

Mirrors reflect light and expand a space by creating the illusion that there is more space beyond what you are seeing. Place the mirror where it will catch and reflect the most light.

reflect light


Everything in its place 

Keep your accessories to a minimum Too many items make a room feel smaller. So keep things tidy and organized Keep bookshelves and tabletop surfaces clutter-free and use only essential furniture pieces in the room.

clutter free

Bonus Tip: Scale is vital 

Keep your decor pieces on scale. Items that feel bigger than the room, will just swallow up space So, keep everything on the same height


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