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Colour your home with purpose

Colour your home

Whether it is fashion or interiors, color is everywhere right now. Colour introduces a certain vibe into our homes and we feel different when we put on a colorful top or dress. So color often plays a huge role in how we are feeling, how we want to feel, and how we want people to interact with us. 

But, the question is, how can we achieve and maintain those positive feelings of happiness, joy, and good energy in our homes.  Well, we can, when we purposefully color our homes with colors that evoke those emotions. Surrounding ourselves with colors that we love, we will instantly feel more positive and at ease.

 colourful sofa_colour your home with purpose

Color is very personal and we are often drawn to different colors and color shades for a variety of reasons. And it is those colors that evoke those feel-good feeling and it is those colors we purposefully need to bring into our homes. Because we want our homes to feel happy, joyful and a place to relax with our friends and family. 

calming blue bedroom

How to color your home with a purpose

Start small; bring color into your living spaces with your favorite colorful flowers. Give your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or dining room a burst of color with fresh flowers or your favorite faux flowers.

flowers to colour your home with purpose

Plants are not just for purifying the air they can also be a great way to inject a bit of color into your spaces. Yes, they can boost your mood all you need to do is find your perfect color. 

Plants to colour your home with purpose

If you are ready to go big, paint an accent wall in your favorite mood-boosting color. 

accent wall _colour your home with purpose

Add more pops of color with interchangeable throw pillows, mix it up by changing your sofa or bed cushions in different shades of your favorite color 

cushions to colour your home with purpose Color your mood 

Soft pink  represents nurture and  compassion the perfect color, for the bedrooms and even the bathroom

Magenta pink is feisty and attention-grabbing so, great as an accent color for focal walls 

Red is energizing and will give you an instant energy boost and is great for your home office. 

Orange is all about playfulness use it in your kitchen or any social areas to encourage social interaction and family fun. 

Yellow is a welcoming, cheery and happy color and can instantly brighten your mood 

Purple is great for reflection and quiet contemplation use it to create a space for meditation and inner peace.

Soft orange or as it is known as 2019 Pantone color, Living Coral is a  sensual color and the perfect combination of the playfulness of orange and the nurturing quality of pink. it is a color that works great in bedrooms.

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