Biophilic interior Design

Biophilic interior Design

There is no better time than the start of a new year to welcome a sense of nature's calm into our homes. And there is not better trend then Biophilic Design to achieve this.

Biophilic Interior Design is all about bringing nature closer to us and increasing our daily positive impact through filling our homes with plants, natural light, organic textures and natural materials.

a display of a selection of plants

Here is How To Incorporate Biophilic Design Into Your Home

Fresh Air

A burst of fresh air  improves your immune system and your mood. So open those windows widely and let the fresh air and sound of nature find its way into your home and your mind. 

a women sitting and drinking a cup of coffee in front of a open window  

Natural Light

Maximize natural light through your entire home by moving any piece of furniture away from the windows and opening blinds and curtains, anything to ensure that you can enjoy as much natural sunlight through out your day. A daily dose of the sunshine vitamin will not only increase your mood, but will help you sleep better. It will also help to keep your plants alive, making sure that you enjoy your biophilic design even longer.

 a kitchen that is full of natural light


Filling your spaces with the right amount of greenery  will instantly lift your living space and will make it feel more open and welcoming. Green is not just a relaxing colour but plants also purifies the air and is a great mood booster.


a room filled with plants

Natural Materials

Embrace nature even further by incorporating natural materials like bamboo, cork, sustainable timber, stone and rattan in your home. Bring these materials into your spaces through furniture, home decor, kitchen worktops, floors, you name it. Biophilic design plays a big part in sustainability and implementing these materials will make your spaces more environmentally friendly.

a rattan chair and brass mushroom shape lampshade

Shapes of Nature

The goal is to get the natural feel and nature is all about curves, soft edges, patterns and small imperfections, contrasting straight lines and right angles. So look to furniture pieces with soft curves and incorporate patterns with organic patterns to bring the feel of nature from the outside to the inside.

soft curved furniture in a living room

Colours of Nature

Nature is full of colour with each changing season bringing a host of beautiful colour, so do not be shy to look to nature for colour options for your home.

bedroom with elements in a green colour

Add Art 

Create a wall gallery with a collection of your favourite greenery wall prints or art pieces or even a framed living wall, anything that reminds you to treasure moments spent in nature.

 a plant art piece

Sounds of Water

Water sounds create a soothing atmosphere for our mind and the sound of waves encourages a peaceful pace of thought processing. And water sounds encourage deep relaxation of your body and mind, so bringing in those sounds to help you create a happy space.

water flowing from a ceramic vase

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