A throwback to the 70's

A throwback to the 70's

The 70's fashion trends is making a major comeback in the fashion world The 1970's fashion  is popping up everywhere. From the hippy look , glam rock to disco and bohemian. The 1970's is influencing our modern style in a big way and it is giving us the freedom to express uniqueness and playfulness  through colour and pattern. 

70 fashion

And we see this magic of the 70's spilling over in to home decor. From bold and playful colour and shaggy textures, patterns and indoor plants to wallpaper, are all making a comeback into our homes.

throwback 1970

With a strong earthy colour palette of mustard and terracotta with natural finishes like  wood, bamboo, terrazzo and brick

 1970 moodboard

Indoor plants was big in the 70's and usually hanging in macramé hangers and this is a trend that has been booming and there is not stopping it. Indoor plants from ferns, devils ivy, sculptural Sansevieria, cool cacti and larger scale plants like rubber trees and fiddles leaf figs are a must in every stylish home.

1970 decor trends_indoorplants

Vintage pieces, mixing the old with the new, is the best way to create a 70's vibe.  

retro_1970's decor trends

Texture, pattern and colour, was huge in many homes in the 70's So incorporating them together can be tricky, as it can be "to much" So whether you mix this up or just use one element of the three try to use less rather then more. 

mixing patterns and textures


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70's Pillows_homedecor_pillowsandpatterns

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