A simple and easy table setting for two

A simple and easy table setting for two

Setting a table for Christmas is a big part of the magic of the day but if like me, you are apart of a two-person household. Setting a big fancy table can be a bit much, so keeping in the special spirit of Christmas here is my simple and easy table setting for two. 

What you will need:

table setting essentials

  1. Lace tablecloth 
  2. Twine 
  3. Rosemary 
  4. Scissors
  5. 2 Plates
  6. 2 Wine glasses 
  7. 2 Woven tablemats  
  8. 2 Empty spice bottles 
  9. Brown kraft paper 

Now that you have all the essentials place your tablecloth on the table 

lace tablecloth

Then cut the brown kraft paper to a table runner size (15 inches- 38.1 cm) or depending on how big your table is Place it in the center of the table. 

kraft paper table runner Once you placed your runner then add your woven placemats woven table matsPlace your plates on top 

ceramic platesJust for added decoration I placed two rosemary twigs into a small empty spice bottle and filled it with water 

table decorationFor place cards, I decorated two cards with a leaf print ( you can choose your own design but I felt that the leaf print fitted with the eco-friendly theme) and the pink just added a pop of color.  You can fill the card with a Christmas wish or let it be just a Thank you card

napkinsRoll your napkins and tie it with a piece of natural craft string and place it on the plate. Then place your extra Rosemary twigs in the center between the two plates.

Rosemary center piece

And that completes your table, add your cutlery and wine glasses, and you are done with your simple eco-friendly from the garden table setting. 

Eco-friendly table setting for two


From the garden table setting




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