A early kick off to the season of jolly cheer

A early kick off to the season of jolly cheer

Wow, I can not believe that we are in November already, with all that has been going on this year, it feels at times, that time stood still but I guess not. Time waits for no one it keeps moving. And here we are in November making our way towards Christmas. 

Now I am not generally one of those people that like to get ready for Christmas in November but with 2020 the year it is, getting into the happy cheery season early might not be a bad thing

So, here is my list to get into the Jolly Christmas spirit 


Set the tone with one or two Christmas tunes 

Ease yourself into the spirit by slipping in one of your favorite Christmas tunes into your workout or house cleaning playlist just to get your mind and body into the festive mood. 

I must admit I am partial to Boney M, reminds me of my childhood and Christmas with my grandparents, good memories 

Get decorating slowly 

Now I would not go full out just yet, but that is just me, but I will start with maybe one or two Christmas ornaments, like a Christmas wreath, just to remind me to be hopeful and decorate my soul with the Christmas spirit

Create a list of gift ideas for friends and family 

The only thing better than the weeks leading up to Christmas is finding the perfect gift for someone you love, whether it is something small or something that they’ve been needing for a while. Sharing love and showing appreciation is what makes the  Christmas season so special. 


Mix up your favorite festive cocktail or drink 

This can be a sugary sweet hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, mulled wine, or a cheery Christmas punch. This one sounds yummy with its mix of prosecco, gin, Jägermeister, apple juice, and festive clementine and ginger

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