3 Tips on how to create a space where your little ones can play and grow

3 Tips on how to create a space where your little ones can play and grow

 Although it might seem easy and fun to create a space for your little one, believe it or not, there are a lot of things to think about before you start the fun decorating part. So, to start you off we have 3 practical tips on how to create a space where your little ones can play and grow. 

  1. Create a space that is both balanced, practical and cute 
  2. Keep it simple When it comes to kids’ rooms, less is more
  3. Kids love, color 

Read more & find out how to achieve a practical yet playful space for your kids 

kids bedroom decor

Balanced Practical and Cute 

To create a balanced room for sleep and play, start with their bedroom furnishings. 

Encourages self-responsibility and independent play with low bins, open shelving and easy to access hooks and floor storage 

Leave enough space in the room for play 

over bed storage

When choosing a bed consider the age of your little one 

For toddlers, a practical solution is as low to the ground bed that is designed to prevent kids from rolling out.  Depending on the look you are going for you can opt for something with a whimsical look or go for a neutral feel with a plainer wood or wood-look design

Extendable beds are sized and designed for toddlers but pull out to keep up with growth

Full-size single beds will be practical for many years  Guard rails can be added to avoid rolling out. Consider a design that incorporates a pull-out under the bed for sleepovers to save space.

Double beds are worth considering for kids of 10 and upwards, if there's room, a double bed will see your kid through years to come. Raised beds this space-saving option is perfect for adding storage or a desk underneath. These beds work well even in a box room. Bunk beds are a space-saving solution for room sharers or sleepovers, bunk beds are worth a thought if you're looking to maximize the space or the number of beds. Storage beds are practical with its built-in drawers and roll-out containers.  

kids bedroom furnishings

Keep it simple 

Less is more so, do not over clutter space with too much furniture or unnecessary items.  Keep it a space for playtime opt for a neutral canvas that can be updated as they grow. Open shelving allows for their favorite toys to become decor accessories for storage opt for Hooks, wall-hugging book rails, under-the-bed storage, baskets, crates, and furniture with built-in storage. 

neutral colors for kids bedroom

Kids love color 

When keeping a neutral canvas add color through;

  1. An accent wall that you can either paint or cover with wallpaper 
  2. Murals, wall sticker or wall prints 
  3. Scatter cushions 

These are all easy to update as they grow and their likes change 


How to choose paint colors 

Before you choose a color for their room, first consider the type of paint you are  going to use: 

  • Matt emulsion will create a flat finish. Look for wipe-clean versions rather than traditional matt paints to keep the walls in a good state for longer.
  • If you want a finish that’s more resistant to marks and scuffs, opt for paints that can be scrubbed clean.
  • Chalkboard paint can be a huge hit in kids’ rooms. Use it over a noticeboard-sized area, or even a whole wall. 
  • Paints that do not give off fumes (low VOC) or durable paints are the most sought after. 

Now for color 

Painted walls can be easily and quickly updated

Just remember that darker color shades will require more coasts when the time comes to change it up. 

Colorful paint finishes will give the room a more personal feel and your kids will love that especially if it is their favorite color.

 Neutral colors will offer more longevity and can make future room swaps quicker as the color will not be needed to be changed to suit the new occupant. 

Pale shades offer a flexible backdrop for colorful accessories but the downside will be the frequent cleaning due to marks left by little ones at play. 

kids bedroom decor

Now it is over to you, time to update or re-decorate your little one’s bedroom. 





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