Gallery Wall Ideas to Suit Every Style

Gallery Wall Ideas to Suit Every Style

Discover the magic of gallery walls – a top pick among interior designers for good reason! They effortlessly blend with diverse styles and elevate any room. Dive into our top four curated styles to showcase our beloved wall prints.

Embrace "The Grid" Step into the world of proportions, symmetry, and balance with the grid style gallery wall. Perfect for contemporary spaces boasting clean lines, or areas aiming for that chic, formal, or minimalist vibe.

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Grid style gallery wall with colourful wall prints

Cohesive gallery

Picture this: Your space, your style, your story – all beautifully told through a stunning gallery wall. Whether you're vibing with minimal colours, crushing on botanical prints, or craving bold, graphic wall art, the possibilities are endless. Let your personality shine with a gallery wall that's uniquely you. Dive into a world where your walls become a canvas, reflecting your individuality effortlessly. Ready to transform your space? Unleash your creativity and discover the art of self-expression with our curated collection. Your dream gallery wall is just a click away. Let's make your walls speak volumes – shop now and let the magic begin

botanical wall prints

 The Perfect Pair 

Discover the perfect print pairings with this versatile style that effortlessly complements any space in your home. Whether you're into travel vibes, nature scenes, sports moments, or a specific art movement, this layout is your go-to for creating a cohesive look. Elevate your home décor with curated prints that speak to your style. Dive into the world of possibilities – start your print adventure now!

wall prints for the dining room in a black and white setting


The Linear Gallery Wall

Think of the linear gallery wall as the cool cousin of the grid gallery style. It's got that sleek, organized vibe, but with a twist! Unlike its grid counterpart, the linear wall gives you the freedom to mix things up in terms of the art's medium and size. By strategically placing one-of-a-kind pieces, it turns a mishmash of artwork into a structured masterpiece. Ready to level up your gallery game? Embrace the chic flexibility of the linear gallery wall and let your unique collection shine! 🎨✨ #GalleryGoals #ArtisticFlex #TransformYourSpace

Bedroom with modern wall prints in a blue colour palette

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

A mix of colourful wall prints

Thinking about setting up a killer gallery wall?

Well, hold your horses, because before you dive into the art world, let's dish out some pro tips. First off, forget the notion that gallery walls need to monopolize an entire wall. They can rock corners, cosy nooks, and even stairwells, jazzing up your space without taking over.

Now, grab a seat, we're about to spill the beans on how to nail this gallery wall game.

  • Start by choosing the perfect spot – could be your bedroom, bathroom, or even that quirky nook you never knew what to do with.
  • Next up, let your wall tell a tale.
  • Use this creative canvas to express yourself, showcasing what lights your fire and fuels your creativity.

But wait, there's more!

Theme it up for that extra oomph – consistency is key, my friend. And when it comes to structure, explore grid layouts, floor-to-ceiling wonders, or throw in some shelves for added flair. Oh, and don't get us started on frames – keep 'em uniform in colour and texture, pulling together a diverse collection into a masterpiece.

Ready for the artful adventure?

Let's recap: choose your space, tell your story, stick to a theme, play with structure, and frame it right. Now, go on, start your gallery wall journey, and transform your space into a haven of self-expression.

Your walls are waiting – get arty, get cosy, get inspired! 🎨✨ #GalleryWallMagic #ArtfulLiving #TransformYourSpace

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