Simple Christmas decorating tips

Simple Christmas decorating tips

The countdown to Christmas is on and all around us we see Christmas decoration go up But if you do not have your Christmas decorations up yet, here are some simple tips to get you started 

Pick your colour palette

If the traditional Christmas colour palette of red and green is not part of your home décor. Complement your existing décor with tones of red and green. Paper medallions in silver, gold, and bronze look right at home atop the mantle. 

metallic decor

Add a natural touch 

Bring in the green by draping a greenery garland to add a warm finishing touch and embellish it with oranges, berries, and ornaments.


Pretty gift wrapping 

All those wonderful gifts that you so thoughtful DIY gift wrapped, can serve as last-minute decorations. Turn a pile of presents into a table-worthy display with some creative festive wrap. Finish those gifts off with colourful ribbons, strands of wooden beads, or some fun metallic ornaments.

gifts decor

Cohesive Candles

Pair pillar candles to add ambiance, texture, and extra light. Wrap a piece of festive ribbon around a few to complement your colour palette.

candlesWith just a few simple touches you can make every room in your home look as festive as possible and you can do it on a budget. 

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