How To Design A Room: Part Two

How To Design A Room: Part Two

So, now that you have your research done of how you want your room to look it is time to start with the fun part of decorating. Following on from part one here are the six next steps to follow to designing the room of your dreams. Happy Decorating !!! 

Finishes First 

If your aim is a makeover rather than a full remodel, think about how you can build on your chosen space existing flooring, wall colour, and fixtures to update and personalize your space without a full and costly renovation. If you are starting with a blank canvas, start by refinishing the floors, paint the walls and then add tile, wallpaper, or wall panels, or install cabinets before bringing in your furniture and décor accessories.

dining room with floral wall paper wooden floor white table and orange chairs

Choose Anchor Pieces

When designing your living room, focus on your anchor piece, like your sofa, before bringing in soft furnishings like throw pillows. Making your biggest, most expensive purchases first will help ensure that you do not skimp on quality for high-use items. This will also help you to maintain a realistic idea of your budget, as well as visualize how much room you have for additional furniture once the core pieces are in place.

natural coloured living room with a sofa

Select Secondary Furniture

Once you have picked out your perfect sofa, start looking at coffee tables to determine what sizes and styles are a good fit. Pair pieces that will add contrast. Complement modern with vintage.

living room with wooden furniture

Choose Rugs, Curtains, and Textiles

Once you have a sense of how your room flows, you can choose rugs, curtains, and textiles such as bedding, throws and decorative pillows that will complement your anchor pieces. Remember to pick pieces that will  add colour, pattern, texture, and interest. 

textiles, throw pillows and rugs

Let there be Light 

Lighting is one of the key elements to a successful room design. Make the most of  natural light for daytime, and add in plenty of layered options for the evening. Keep your focus on lighting that is both functional and pretty. Like task lighting to warm ambient table lamps or sconces, to sculptural pendant lighting that function as décor. 

a variety of light fixtures in different rooms

Make sure that you light all four corners of your room to avoid creating shadows and to promote a sense of well being after dark. 


Now that you have all the essentials in place, take a step back, and have a look around the room to see what is missing. This is the fun part because now you can bring in some flair and your personal touches into your space. 

a variety of room décor accessories

Hang wall décor, wall art, photographs and decorative mirrors. Layer your sofa or bed (if you are doing up the bedroom) with additional decorative pillows and throws. Style shelves and tables with books, candles, decorative objects, plants, and or precious souvenirs. This is your chance to add texture by adding your personal touches. This will bring your room to life and make it feel more personal and full of character.  


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