How to decorate your home with throw blankets

How to decorate your home with throw blankets

There is something about throw blankets, especially in the colder months that I love. A lot like I throw pillows they are a super easy and inexpensive way to update a bedroom or living room. Throw blankets are also perfect for those that want colour in their spaces but not too much colour 

Introducing a  new colour or pattern into your space especially on something big like a sofa can be scary. But if you bring in a new colour or pattern through a throw blanket it can be fun and less scary. Keep reading to find a few great but simple ways to style your home using only your favourite throw blankets. 

On the end of the bed 

Throw blankets in the bedroom is a great way to add texture. Anything ranging from neutral faux fur, colourful cotton a chic throw will not only add texture but also warm up your bedroom. Keep it in a block colour, or if you are bold enough to mix pattern on pattern

a bedroom view with an assortments of baskets on the wall and a throw blanket at the foot of the bed

The Sofa or Chair

A throw blanket stylishly thrown over a sofa or a chair is more than just something to make your space look pretty. It is also practical for who does not like wrapping themselves up with a cosy blanket while watching a movie on the sofa.  Keep a few options around for when a guest comes over. 

A living room view with a brown leather sofa in the centre with wall prints on the wall and a throw pillows and a throw blanket on the sofa

During winter our home can feel a lot cooler and so blankets are a way to add warmth. It can also add a splash of colour that adds character to a living room and can instantly make a space feel cosy.  In the living room opt for throw blankets that have a fun pattern, fluffy texture, or a row of tassels. 

In Baskets

This is a great option for those that do not want throw blankets hanging over their furniture. A wicker basket is a great way to store them and the basket itself is so pretty and your favourite blankets can be stored and ready for use when those cold night hits. 

A sofa in front of a window with a floor lamp next to the sofa with a wicker basket next to the sofa with throw blankets in it

A Blanket Ladder

Another favourite décor accessory to bring into any space. a leaning ladder for vertical blanket storage is not just a functional décor item but also offers a modern and sleek look and vibe especially when styled with minimal blankets with graphic patterns.

A brown wooden leaning ladder next to a white desk with a plant on top of it and a throw blanket on the ladder

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