Give your home character and personality

Give your home character and personality

Creating bold interiors 

Our home’s vibe and feel is an extension of our personality so, it should be a place that feels home and that expresses who you are as a human in every nook and cranny. But creating bold and expressive interiors that reflect our character and personality can sometimes be a bit tricky. But it does not need to be and to make it easy read on for some simple tips to get you started.

Interior design should be fun, so we should experiment with texture, colour, and pattern throughout our home.  

Dining room with blue accented wall  



Colour theory

Colour is always the first go-to for adding personality whether you are more of a bold colour palette or a more muted palette. Starting out with colour, think about how you will use a room, will it be for sleeping, work, or just relaxing or welcoming guests into your home. 

Go wild with entryways and living rooms but opt for calmer tones in bedrooms. Your dining room will be perfect for pops or pockets of colour because here, you’re looking for visual stimulation so, experiment with shades and tones of your favourite colour. 

Your bedrooms should reflect the cocooning instinct, so use deep, warm shades that make the space feel warm and cosy. 

bedroom interior

Never restrict colour to walls: if you want to maintain a simpler look, add a colourful rug or upholster one chair in a contrasting hue of your chosen colour.  

living room

Making an entrance

Entryways and bathrooms are ideal for patterned wallpapers because textured wallpapers create a fancy but cosy feel. And it is one of those unexpected places you want to WOW your guest.  

bathroom with wall paper

Showcasing art

You do not  always have to show art in a white box

Brightly coloured or dark textured walls can be a great help to lift a painting or your favourite print. When considering frames go for vintage frames for some characters, wooden frames are perfect in a casual space like the kitchen, and gold frames add the final touch to tie together a living room. 

Wall with a variety of wall print in a frame

Final touches

My favourite part!!  do not worry too much about too many cushions or wall prints. Because when it comes to putting together cushions, art, and décor accessories you want a combination of elements that works well together but also stands out

Place your items, leave them for a day to get a feel for them in the space because certain pieces can look odd on their own, but will work perfectly well in combination.  So, just leave it in the space for a bit and then adjust them if you need to. 


Try to move around items like lampshades, cushions, or décor accessories to a different room because they might look and feel better in a different space. 


So that is it

Remember your home is your space and interior decorating should be fun, so find décor pieces, colours, patterns, and prints that you feel comfortable with and most importantly enjoy living with. And for unique finds raid your local charity shops you will be surprised at all the great stuff you can find. 

And when you are done giving personality and character to your home, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy your home !! 




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