Brown The New Black

Brown The New Black

Brown is the colour of the moment and is fast becoming the new black in interior design. This earthy colour  is what we will be seeing all over to give warmth to our homes

From Chocolate browns, camels and caramels to coffee, wood and leather we will find ourselves incorporating this colour in different hues, shades and tones in every nook and cranny of our homes.  Explore this colour with me over the next few weeks and just maybe you will find your favourite shade of brown. 

brown moodboard

First Up is some of favourite shades of Brown

To fall in love with a colour we need to experience it in its fullness pairing it with complimentary shades and tones. And blend it into a wider colour scheme. 

With brown, your palette needs to stay close to other natural colours and you should try and avoid primary saturated colours. 

brown leather sofa with brown throw blanket

Brown is an easy neutral colour to live with because it can work well with some of our favourite interior colours like peach, terracotta, amber, mustard, greens and this season even orange.  

Camel Brown 

Camel Brown is primarily a colour from the Brown colour family. It is a mixture of orange and brown colour.

camel brown

Chocolate is a dark shade of brown and  is considered  a richer, more vibrant shade than many other browns. 

chocolate brown

Coffee brown is a dark shade of red.

coffee brown

Earthy brown is a medium dark shade of red-orange.

 earthy brown

This is just a few of my favourite brown shades. Hopefully you have picked one that you like and will be bringing into your home over the next couple of week

Next week we will explore how to bring this colour into our homes. 

Brown is back baby !!!

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