Autumn Colour Crush

Autumn Colour Crush

Here at Pillows and Patterns HQ we don’t just love colour we are obsessed with it !!!  And, as we are entering a new season here, are some of the colour we are crushing hard on for autumn. 

Juicy Peach 

This yummy peach shade is the perfect colour to refresh your décor for the autumn season.

Peach colour moodboard

Our autumn Peach is not quite pink and not quite orange,  it is soothing and pleasant to look at and it is soft and feminine. It is those qualities that make this yummy juicy shade our favourite colour for this new season 

Peach is one of those colours that can stand alone but can also play nice with others. And it especially pairs well with warm tones to create a cosy and warm space.

 Peach and cyan colour pairing

Mauve -Ellous 

Definitely not a colour that I would have given a second thought to but this delicious shade is growing on me.  This pale purple hue that depending on the light can sometimes be pink or violet is a transformative and versatile colour.  Mauve can be used as the main colour in your living or bedroom or can be added through the small details. 

Mauve colour mood board

It is the perfect neutral swap, it is the perfect shade to create a tranquil home office and goes glam with gold details. 

Mauve and Green pairing

Hot Tip: If you decide to paint your walls mauve keep the rest of the décor accessories neutral and subtle. This will allow the colour to take centre stage.


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