Pair your browns with...

Pair your browns with...

So, you are starting to come around to the idea of using more brown in your home decorating. The great news is that brown can pop even more when you pair it with a variety of other colours. And as mentioned before, brown is a good neutral and so versatile and can go with any other colour. But here is some of our favourites to pair your browns with. 

Brown and Blue 

We find layers of brown everywhere around us in nature, and the best complementary colours usually also occur in nature like the sea and sky. So, blue is an obvious pairing. Just think about it, when we want to accentuate warm woods in our home's interior, we often introduce cool teals and deep blues through landscape prints or ceramics.


brown and blue moodboard

brown and blue interior

Brown and green 

This down-to-earth duo works like a charm every time. Pair deep, intense green with dark wood to create a moody yet masculine space or my favourite sage green with a mushroom brown for a light living room. If your living room is filled with wood toned furniture, fill it with houseplants and greenery to bring out the browns of your furniture. This will also be a great way to add extra layers of visual interest and bring life to your room.

brown and green moodboard

brown and green interior

Brown and Camel 

Any brown tones, whether in wood or fabrics, pair beautifully with camel and tan tones. This combination of  colours is super cosy and brings out the best in each other when paired with texture like shaggy rugs and textured fabrics.

brown and tan


brown and camel

Time for you to have some fun with brown!!! 

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