How to replicate the calmness of nature in your home

How to replicate the calmness of nature in your home

I have been reading and listening to a lot of tips and advice about how to ensure that I and all of us take care of ourselves and our mental health. And what I have taken away is that we should start in our living spaces because we spend so much time in our homes and it is there where we should create spaces that express calmness and invites self-care and love. 

Creating peaceful surroundings will help to reduce stress and will have an all-around positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

Start small and try not to spend any money. Have a look around your home and use what you already have.  

Bring in the Light

introducing the calmness of the outdoors into your home, it can be as easy as placing mirrors opposite to your windows. This will increase the amount of natural light that streams into your room. Try and get rid or trim down any shrubs that block the light from streaming into your windows. Make sure that your mirrors and windows are gleaming, a  good polish will ensure that you get the maximum light shining through.

bring in the light


There is nothing like the smell of nature a deep breath of fresh morning air or the smell of the sea is so calming.  Bring those smells into all your spaces with an aroma diffuser, incense, potpourri, or candles

burning incense


Being a #plantmamma is one of the hottest trends currently But putting the trend aside plants along with sunlight, invigorates both the mind and body. So, what better reason to scatter your home with plants.


If you are not much of a green finger goddess do try our faux foliage. It is low maintenance and will still provide you with a flourishing indoor garden aesthetic.  


Or alternatively, create a feature wall using greenery wall prints. 

plant leaf wall print


Keep things simple and remember to have a look around the house and repurpose items that you already have and create your ideal Outdoors Indoors, a space where you can go to breath and relax. 

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